Ask a bigger question. Tell a smaller story.

Tiny Windows is an organizational strategy and communications consultancy here to help nonprofits and mission-driven leaders make the world a kinder, braver, more curious place through asking bigger questions and telling smaller stories.


Ask a Bigger Question: Strategy

Feel like your messaging just isn’t getting through? Get your team aligned and your communications pointed in the right direction with communications strategy and support from Tiny Windows.  

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Tell a Smaller Story: Video

Video is the most powerful tool you’ve got to tell your story and invite your audiences to see themselves in your work. TWC is here to help you surface, capture, and amplify the stories that matter most to your mission.

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Kind/Brave/Curious: Workshops

Operating in the digital age can make us lonely. Why not make something together? TWC offers a variety of workshops for teams of all kinds on digital storytelling, stop-motion animation, content marketing, and more.

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Open a tiny window…

The name "Tiny Windows" comes from the idea that every time we communicate (online), we're opening a tiny window into who we are and what we're all about. Tiny windows inspire curiosity. They're transparent, but within boundaries. They're inviting (not just informative). They let the light through.


A story is an invitation, not a presentation.
Don’t show off; show what’s possible.

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